Clamour began with one of Jonathan's frequent LA trips. As his West Coast clients got wind of him being in town he offered his hotel as a place for them to shoot. They came and brought some friends. They made many videos and worked with people they hadn't had the opportunity to work with before.

Due to popular demand, Jonathan again, opened his doors to his clients on his next trip. He really enjoyed the idea of creating a safe space for collaboration and growth in the YouTube community. He now goes out West specifically to host these events.

What happens:

The event is designed as an opportunity for creators to network with a diverse population of creators outside of their immediate social sphere, while simultaneously enabling them to bank a month's worth of collab videos in just a couple days. Our venue is set up with a variety of production stations to offer creators a range of backdrops to shoot against. The structure of the weekend combines production time with lots of food, drink, and YT war stories told around the campfire.

The structure of the event is typically Thursday night/Friday morning all of the out-of-towners arrive at the house and settle in with socializing and boardgames. Then Friday evening is a networking party for creators to meet & greet as well as brainstorm collab videos for the next day. Everyone returns on Saturday morning early, sets up workstations, and shoots videos all day long. When it gets too dark to shoot outside, we start up a campfire and talk business/strategy/personal as a group. Sunday is lightest, typically a handful of video shoots (and reshoots) with lots of socializing. This is also typically when I end up doling out lots of simple legal/business advice, since I'm less busy hosting. 

Food and drink are always abundantly available (though creators usually don't drink heavily at the event). If there are any dietary restrictions / allergies to be mindful of I ask people to please notify me ahead of time, so I can best accommodate.